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If anything ever needed to go viral it
Forwarded from Red Voice Media
If anything ever needed to go viral, it's this. #FtheFDA


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BREAKING The Criminal Entity Formerly known as the
Forwarded from Dr Jane Ruby (Dr Jane Ruby)
BREAKING: The Criminal Entity, Formerly known as the United States FDA has bowed to Big Pharma & Given full approval and rights to Pfizer to market their toxic death shots.

I will be discussing this illegal and immoral act tomorrow on @realstewpeters Show

Hang tight, we knew this was coming, and since it is based on an incomplete study, with undisclosed poisons, they may think they have additional fire power to force people to take it,

Good morning the tsunami has arrived It is
Forwarded from Dr. Tenpenny
Good morning
….the tsunami has arrived. It is the hours/minutes before…when the big inhale sucks all the water away from the shore before the crashing exhale, when the powerful, devastating calamity races in.

Churchill said, “Never will so many ask so much of so few.” Peter McCullugh said to me yesterday, “There are about 500 doctors in the entire country standing in the gap for the millions.”

We are the few.

This is War. Real WAR. Re-read Genesis 6 to really understand where it comes from. There will be casualties and deaths. We can’t save them all, and especially we can’t save very many from the consequences of their stupid, arrogant, fearful decisions.

Gird up. See it for what it is. Pray. Pray like you’ve never prayed before. Pray that we can all stay strong and hold the line.

Deadly bombs ARE falling on our collective heads - they are being dropped daily from irrational, tyrannical government decisions.

Bullets ARE being aimed at us; they’re called “vaccines”.

And it’s the first in history when a war is happening in 100% of the countries of the world at the same time.

There’s no place to run.

Thankfully, we have our Tribe. More important, we have our God. Hang tight. Cling together. We have each other’s backs. For that, I am deeply grateful.

#WeAreMoreThan12 🙏🏽💙♦️‼️

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